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    Customer service


    Upgrade assistance audit


    Our audit is aimed at identifying potential improvements to the safety and/or ergonomics of your installations.

    Based on our own experience, the evolution of our machines, reports by inspection organizations, feedback, and our interviews of your operators, we will be in a position to offer you suggestions or advice to help you upgrade the safety and ergonomy of your installations.

    Our Customer Relations department is there to perform the service and work out the terms.



    Vibration test


    Vibration analysis is one of the means used to monitor the condition of rotating machines in operation. Based on regular measurements of the vibrations of a rotating machine, vibration analysis can detect possible malfunctions and monitor their evolution with a view to scheduling or postponing a mechanical repair.

    This monitoring makes it possible to shift from a policy of systematic preventive maintenance to a conditional maintenance policy, which is more refined and less expensive.

    This type of analysis is especially well suited to the surveillance of your pump motors, gear motors, and even cream separator motors.

    Our technicians visit your site and make a series of measurements on your machines in operation. They then study the vibration levels measured on each machine, associated with its characteristics (speed of rotation, type of bearings) and compare them with prior measurements made. This study will enable us to determine the precise condition of your equipment and inform you whether or not work must be scheduled.



    Endoscopic examination


    Tecnal proposes a customized service for the internal inspection of your vessels and piping.


    The advantages of the endoscopy solution performed by Tecnal:

    • Examination of risk areas and dead zones
    • Inspection to detect zones of corrosion, clogging, cracks…
    • Piping inspected over great lengths (30 metres)
    • Passage of 90° elbows

    Recording of audit comments with high-quality photos.





    Tecnal, a specialist in Process equipment, proposes complete inspection and calibration services for your sensors, measuring instruments, and measurement systems.

    These services range from a spot inspection and calibration following the replacement of a defective item of equipment to annual inspections and calibrations of all of your measuring devices.


    The inspection and calibration of each measuring device or system gives rise to an inspection certificate.

    All of the measuring instruments used by Tecnal are COFRAC-referenced.


    Metrology operations are performed by our technicians, specialized in the Process professions.

    These technicians have extensive experience in measurement, and work on all equipment usually found in measurement systems.



    Areas of action:


    Examination, verification and measurement system of temperature from -24°C to +155°C

    • PT100 probe
    • liquid thermometer


    Examination, verification and measurement system of pressure from 0 to 200mbars/0.9 to 40bars

    • dial-reading pressure gauge
    • electronic pressure sensor


    Examination, verification and measurement system of resistivity

    • resistivity meters


    Examination, verification and measurement system of flow rate from 1 to 50m

    • electromagnetic flow meter
    • mass flow meter