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    Customer service


    Periodic maintenance


    On the strength of its expertise and feedback, Tecnal defines preventive maintenance for the life of your equipment, when it is designed.


    The value of preventive maintenance in terms of cost control, the up time of your installation, and the life of your equipment has long since been proven.


    This is why Tecnal proposes a periodic maintenance contract to assist you in this approach.


    A customer service manager will explain our maintenance recommendations and propose a complete service compatible with your budget. In the course of the year, the same manager will inform you when it is time to perform certain operations and organize them to fit in with your production requirements.


    The contract will also you give you the benefit of advantageous special price terms.


    Equipment concerned by this type of contract

    • Tecnal mechanization lines
    • Tecnal process lines (exchangers, pumps, valves, etc.)
    • Churns
    • Cream separators
    • Homogenizers
    • Whipping apparatus
    • Manifolds


    Feel free to contact us for more information.



    Curative maintenance


    Whether you are in France or outside our borders, restoring your installation to optimal operating condition is our top priority.

    Our vision of curative maintenance is organized around three points:



    Telephone assistance and diagnostic help:

    Whether your malfunction concerns the machinery, the automation, or the process, our team of experts (working closely with our mechanical and automation engineering departments) will provide advice and assistance. For this, call us at +33 (0)5 49 79 98 53 or send us an email at sav2@tecnal.fr .


    Remote maintenance:

    To solve your automation and supervision problems, our team of automation technicians may, if your equipment allows, connect to your equipment to identify your problem.

    Remote maintenance has two advantages:

    • rapid action
    • better preparation of the work (for work on site)


    Work on site:

    In addition to its team of automation specialists, Tecnal makes available its team of maintenance technicians, who will use their experience and their knowledge of your equipment to solve your problems on:

    • Tecnal mechanization lines
    • Tecnal process lines (exchangers, pumps, valves, etc.)
    • Churns
    • Westfalia cream separators