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    Customer service


    Your installation must adapt to your new needs and to new technologies.


    Tecnal is constantly developing new mechanical and automation concepts and using new materials.


    The equipment of your installations is getting old, and in some cases must be replaced by much more recent equipment (obsolescence of the equipment). The obsolescence of the equipment is becoming a real problem for your maintenance staff. A retrofit is also essential for upgrading your existing equipment; in particular to keep up with the constantly changing IFS and BRC standards. This is because equipment installed more than 15 or 20 years ago has been absent from the builders’ catalogues for many years, and will soon be definitively abandoned by their own customer service departments. This applies in particular to automation equipment and sophisticated drive systems (servo-control of position and synchronous motors).



    Tecnal, always up to date with the latest technologies for the construction of its machines, proposes a set of services for the upgrading of your installations.


    • Appraisal of your existing installations.


    • Upgrading your automation equipment to “latest generation” systems.


    • Upgrading from your drive systems approaching obsolescence to “latest generation” drive systems. This upgrading involves replacing the “frequency controller-motor” assembly after analysis of the kinematics of the moving mechanism.


    • Upgrading your supervision systems. This upgrading includes installing “latest-generation” hardware and software. In most cases, this upgrading will bring you the display of new information and new capabilities in the storage and analysis of the information collected.


    • Replacement of your mechanical equipment. On the strength of the experience it has acquired and the evolution of its concepts, Tecnal proposes examining your old mechanical equipment and replacing it with more modern equipment.
      1. New materials that respond to changing food safety requirements.
      2. Design making maintenance easier and less expensive.
      3. Design allowing faster and even more effective washing of your machines.