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    Bassin lines



    The DYNAFROM concept is implemented by a train of basins that combines in continuous form the entire process from filling to moulding. It can be used, with the appropriate technological choices, to make any type of soft cheese in observance of the traditions.

    • Soft-ripened or washed-rind cheeses: Camembert, Brie, Carré de l’Est, Pont l’Evêque, Livarot, Reblochon, goat milk specialties.
    • Fresh cheeses : Burgos, Crescenza, Feta, Panela, Cuartirolo, Taleggio.
    • Blue cheeses: Bleus, Gorgonzola
    • The DYNAFROM basin line is a perfect fit with the mozzarella production process.




    The basin lines designed, built, assembled, and tested at TECNAL bring you the following advantages:

    • Switching between different types of production and cheese-making technologies without large losses of time. The DYNAFROM line can be used for batch or continuous work from the filling station to the moulding station.
    • Batch tracking of the product: in soft cheese-making, this is the only way to ensure homogeneous and consistent identical acidification and production of each volume worked on.
    • It is a flexible production tool that guarantees:
    • Improved yields
    • Better standard deviation
    • Homogeneity of the production
    • Possibility to operate various production on the same line by adjustment of the technological times.
    • Basins of different capacities and shapes matched to different products, made of materials that meet food-processing standards.



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