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    TECNAL offers a turnkey solution for your drinking-milk projects (UHT and/or pasteurized milk) ranging from 10 to 50,000 litres/day.





    Tecnal has been designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning UHT milk lines for many years. Thanks to its experience in the cheese industry, Tecnal has developed a range of equipment to meet the needs of drinking-milk production from 10 to 50,000 litres per day. The main steps are as follows :


    Raw milk reception

    For the reception of your raw milks, Tecnal offers a turnkey solution including milk cooling and degassing.




    Milk storage

    For the storage of your milks, Tenal offers to supply stainless-steel refrigerated storage tanks with agitators.




    Tecnal’s “Basic” and “Premium” lines bring you a full range of pasteurizers for cheese milk, cream and whey.
    The temperature and duration of pasteurization of cheese milk are important parameters that are precisely determined by Tecnal’s engineering design department to attain the desired milk quality.
    All our designs are created in 3D and built in skid form to allow the delivery of assemblies previously tested in our shop at Niort and ready to be connected.




    Fat standardization and homogenization

    Skimming and homogenization

    TECNAL offers a complete range of milk skimming machines and homogenizers.

    Our design offices put their skills at the service of our commitments in terms of residual fat content in milk, energy consumption and compatibility with your/our cleaning in place (CIP) systems.

    Tecnal also includes a complete range of homogenizers allowing to improve the quality of the product and maintain it over time.




    Cream processing

    TECNAL TECNAL offers solutions to valorize cream either in the form of UHT cream or in the form of butter with the company Simon Frères (www.simon-sas.com).





    With its partner, Tenal can provide you with a sterilization solution for milk. The quality of heat treatment, the low consumption of water and energy make us true specialists.





    Tecnal’s “Basic” and “Premium” lines bring you a full range of cleaning in place (CIP) solutions, for all budgets.

    According to your needs, we suggest:

    • “Washes” (compartmented horizontal vessels) with up to 4,000L/compartment soda/acid/recovered water/clean water. This saves a lot of floor space.
    • Vertical tanks with valve manifold and delivery lines on the floor. This configuration is specific to large washing volumes and CIP systems having many delivery lines.


    Our automated operating and control systems let you track all washing operations and optimize washing times/washing product consumption/losses.




    With its partner, TECNAL can bring you a solution for milk packaging in different forms. The packaging equipment is adapted to the volumes and types of milk of our customers. The efficiency and reliability of the equipment we propose will be major assets for the good functioning of your production workshop.




    Control of the equipment from a supervision station or locally for management of your production with dynamic display.

    Thanks to its automation department, Tecnal helps you in the creation of your recipes, traceability of your productions and maintenance assistance.
    Equipment supervision coupled with data analysis allows you to save on energy and raw materials.





    Tecnal accompanies you during and after the commissioning of your installation. The Tecnal customer service team ensures the implementation of the warranty, offers preventive maintenance contracts to customers, provides a set of spare parts and is also able to carry out technical audits.
    Our teams can also take action remotely via a modem.