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    Tecnal offers a complete turnkey solution or separate modules for the production of your caseins.



    Caseins are widely used as a food-grade ingredient in ice creams, yoghurts, meat, cosmetics, and more.


    The extraction and upgrading of caseins is the universally acknowledged specialty of Tecnal, through its PILLET branch.


    Two types of casein are distinguished:

    • rennet casein: casein produced by coagulation with rennet
    • acid casein: casein produced by coagulation with hydrochloric acid



    Tecnal and PILLET can propose a complete turnkey solution or separate items of equipment for the production of casein:

    • turnkey solution: receiving of the milk, heating, coagulation, and syneresis, separation of the curd and fines, washing, dehydration, drying.
    • Individual module: syneresis, centrifugal decanter, washing tower, drying of casein (from 300 to 4,000kg/h


    For casein manufacturers we have important know-how, and specific techniques, covered by many patents available.


    To cope with the constantly changing requirements of the casein, caseinate and whey products world markets, we are in a position to propose well adapted technical answers. Our engineers and technicians work on research and development programmes in conjunction with highly skilled scientific teams to improve our production technology.