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    TECNAL offers a complete turnkey solution or separate modules for cleaning in place (CIP).



    Tecnal’s “Basic” and “Premium” lines bring you a full range of cleaning in place (CIP) solutions, for all budgets.


    Our lines cover washing flow rates up to 50,000l/h of solution/delivery line.


    According to your needs, we suggest:


    • “Washes”, compartmented horizontal vessels with up to 4,000L/compartment sodium hydroxide/acid/recovered water/clean water. This saves a lot of floor space.
    • Vertical tanks with valve manifold and delivery lines on the floor. This configuration is specific to large washing volumes and CIP systems having many delivery lines.


    Our automated operating and control systems let you track all washing operations and optimize washing timed/washing product consumption/losses.


    Our company will work to enhance your return on investment by guaranteeing:


    • Substantial savings of water and cleaning products (as much as 50%)
    • Measured and optimized re-use of washing products
    • Optimization of washing time.


    To determine your needs and estimate the benefits of a new CIP for your plant, our process engineers can come audit your installation and simulate your return on investment.

    Our energy and traceability packs are also proposed as options.