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Whey processing

TECNAL offers a complete turnkey solution or separate modules for your whey processing.


Photo 1-Poches recupération fines (A00103)-2


TECNAL proposes solutions for the recovery and processing of sweet and acid wheys.


The Tecnal Screen Filter is designed for the filtration of cheese-making whey, achieving perfect separation of the whey and fines by filtration grilles from 60 to 120µm.


The filter’s strengths are:

  • perfect separation of the whey and fines
  • gains in productivity and efficiency
  • complete cleaning by CIP.


Il existe 4 modèles de Filtre dégrilleur de 2 à 30 m³/h


There are four models of Screen Filter, from 2 to 30 m³/h.


Tecnal proposes new options:

    • Lactose removal or addition of water
  • Reincorporation of fines above a moulding machine


We also propose equipment intended for:

  • Pasteurizing and storing whey
  • Récovering whey proteins by ultrafiltration
  • Denaturing and reincorporating serum proteins
  • Demineralizing whey (with our partner Eurodia)
  • Processing Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis filtrates