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    Our values

    We are loyal to our customers and our values.

    Our values

    We are true to our customers and our values.


    Innovation: our constant aim is to innovate every year through our R&D department and our testing laboratory. We spend more than 4% of our turnover on innovation and cheese-making research to serve our customers. Every year, pilots leave our factory to become part of our customers’ production lines.

    We work with you to better understand and measure dairy and cheese-making processes. We constantly re-invent to capture and industrialize the hidden intelligence in dairy and cheese dairy world.


    Return on investment: Our competitive spirit, creativity, productivity and know-how are all there to assure you the best return on investment in a competitive environment where each gram of cheese and every drop of milk counts.


    Men and women: Whether at Tecnal or at our customers’, “we have men and women at heart and place them at the heart of our know-how”. We hold that they are the primary asset of our company. This is why we constantly develop human-machine interface, work stations ergonomics on our installations; we optimize accessibility for maintenance, daily washing operations as well as energy, water, and detergents consumptions.


    Commitment: Tecnal is a company committed to making its developments, innovations, installations, and setting up more reliable and safer. All of our installations are tested before delivery. Our project managers agree to follow up your orders until withdrawal of any reservations and far beyond. Our QSE (Quality/Safety/Environment) department is the guarantor of these reliability commitments based on a policy of continuous improvement.


    Reactivity: Because we know that every second of production, like every litre of milk, counts; our sales and customer relations departments are there for every investment, optimization, preventive and remedial maintenance requests. Determining your needs and our responses to them is the heart of our company.