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    The company


    To be able to offer you ready-to-run projects and meet your specific requirements, Tecnal has established partnerships with the following companies:




    With its partner Chalon Megard, Tecnal can provide solutions for your hard cheese production.





    With its partner Simon, Tecnal can provide solutions for your industrial butter production.





    With its partner Sassaro, Tecnal is able to provide you with any washing solution for cheese moulds, racks and dispensers. The quality of washing, water and energy consumption as well as our expertise in vessel adhesions on exiting washing make us true specialists.



    logo Qualtech

    With its partner Qualtech, Tecnal is able to provide you with maintenance solutions in Canada and the United States. Specialists in Cheddar manufacturing, Qualtech can combine its solutions with Tecnal’s.



    EURODIA -logo-HD

    With its partner Eurodia, Tecnal is able to provide you with whey treatment, fractioning and added value solutions. Nearly 70% of the world’s high quality demineralised whey production is now made using Eurodia’s patented processes, combining electrodialysis, filtration and ion exchange.






    With its partner Mino Gaillard, Tecnal is able to offer you plastic injection moulds with its ready-to-run projects, especially mould sets and extensions.