For the storage and pumping of your raw milk, Tecnal offers a turnkey solution or by module including storage tanks, pumps and manifold.


Our strengths in storage:

  • Specific design of the tanks and their agitation to best suit your manufacturing technology,
  • Perfect temperature control,
  • Easy to operate,
  • Specific pumping unit depending on the type of product,
  • Possibility of rapid cooling without degradation of the product,
  • Safe CIP cleaning,
  • Possibility of filling without a pump unit.


Our strengths in manifold:

  • Wide choice of brands and components (from the manual butterfly valve to the automatic leakage chamber valve),
  • Reliability: use of valve with machined body,
  • Hygiene : dry floor design (sewage collection),
  • Valve head with integrated LED,
  • High quality finish : use of orbital welding,
  • Possibility of endoscopic weld control,
  • Compact : conception sur skid.


The advantages of our pumping groups are:

  • Wide choice of brands and components (from the peristaltic pump to the twin screw pump),
  • Consulting: our design office defines and sizes the pumping unit adapted to your product and your constraints.