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After being drained, cheeses (both small and large size) are removed from the moulds and set down on stainless steel ripening racks. This is called demoulding.

Demoulding by suction cups

A demoulding by suction cups:

  • A manipulator with suction cups connected to a vacuum pump and circuit picks up the cheeses in the block forms and sets them down on one or more waiting racks,
  • Strength of the vacuum in the suction cups, designed by Tecnal, is adjusted to cheeses characteristics,
  • Removal from moulds by 2, 3, or 4 trays is possible, depending on flow rates,
  • Mould removal tools match with the removed format bya system of bins which are easy to change and wash,
  • Quick format change (less than 5 minutes),
  • Cleaning by CIP.

Demoulding by unstacking

A demoulding by unstacking:

  • One-by-one block forms mechanical unstacking insures removing of the cheeses from the moulds,
  • This system is recommended for large formats, such as large blocks to be sliced and for customers working with block-forms with bottom,
  • The operator should only seize the cheeses.

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