In its “Basic” and “Premium” lines, Tecnal brings you a full range of skimming/cream processing and butter production systems.

Our range covers flow rates from 1,000 to 50,000l/h. Depending on the flow rates, for the processing of cream, we propose:

  • Batch pasteurization systems, followed by storage and feed to the butter line,
  • Continuous pasteurization systems, with plate exchangers designed for cream, for the highest flow rates or long production runs.

All of our systems can be washed by CIP, helping to ensure hygiene within the installation + observance of food safety standards.

For “butter” lines, our partner SIMON Frères (of the SYNEXT group) proposes complete lines, from the receiving of the pasteurized cream to the packaging of the butter and processing of the buttermilk. Our long cooperation means that you can have a complete line with a single operating system, thereby limiting the number of interfaces.