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For ripening, we offer several solutions: the stacker, the unstacker and the flipper.

Stacker and unstacker

The strenghts of the stacker and unstracker:

  • Stacking from the bottom,
  • Programmable stack management,
  • Brushless Motor,
  • Nothing above the product,
  • Maximum rate: 5 seconds per tray,
  • Base stand management of base,
  • Pre-stacker or pre-unstacker possible for very high operating rates,
  • Safety gate and buffer storage areas.

Stack flipper

Stacks and trays flipper:

  • A fundamental operation that can take place several times during the draining process,
  • Stack flipper can reach heights of 24 trays,
  • The flipper can be separated from the draining system or integrated into a fully automatic draining system,
  • It avoids stacking and destacking operations.

Individual turning

Individual turning over of trays subset, straw-mat, and block forms, with or without spacers, allows:

  • Eliminates the cap-shape effect.
  • High speeds: 700 trays/hour.

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