For ripening, we offer several solutions: the stacker, the unstacker and the flipper.

Stacker and unstacker

The strenghts of the stacker and unstracker:

  • Hygienic design: open profile,
  • Soft handling of dishes,
  • Simplified maintenance,
  • Compliance with safety standards,
  • Programmable stack height management,
  • No mechanical elements above the product,
  • Rapid rate: 5 seconds per tray,
  • Management of the base foot in automatic.

Stack flipper

The strengths of the stacks flipper:

  • Hygienic design,
  • Height of the returnable stacks is adjustable,
  • Simplified maintenance,
  • The flipper can be separated from the draining or integrated of the fully automatic draining.

Individual turning

Individual turning:

  • Hygienic design,
  • Simplified maintenance,
  • High rate: 700 trays per hour,
  • Eliminate the cap phenomenon on the cheese,
  • Suitable for large diameter cheeses.

Turning by cartesian robot

Turning by cartesian robot: 

  • 3 functions with one machine: stacking, destacking, unit turning,
  • Small footprint: one machine to do 3 functions,
  • High rate: 6 seconds per tray.

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