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Tecnal proposes a complete turnkey solution or separate modules for the processing of your liquid yeast.

Storage and proportioning of liquid yeast

Tecnal proposes several solutions for storage and proportioning of your liquid yeast:

  • 35m3 vessels for high consumption values (profitable above 500T consumed a year),
  • Containers with automatic proportioning for consumption from 150 to 300T a year,
  • Manual feed below this range,
  • Automatic proportioning on batch or continuous kneaders, with proportioning by flow metering,
  • Temperature hold directly in vessels or, for containers, in a cold chamber,
  • Washing by specific CIP in a completely safety way.

Bread, buns, sandwich bread and pastries

For your breads, buns, white bread and viennoiseries, Tecnal proposes turnkey solutions for the preparation and storage of liquid leavens:

  • Flour-water mixture (50/50) in specific mixer (1,200l),
  • Starters from 5,000 to 10,000 litres,
  • Fermentation from 2 to 24 hours, temperature 28-30°C, rapid cooling in double jacket of vessel,
  • Washing by specific CIP in a completely secure way,
  • Automatic dosing on batch and/or continuous kneaders by flow metering,
  • Automatic interaction with the existing installations, provision of production parameters for the existing supervision systems,
  • Adaptation to the customer’s process based on Tecnal’s standards,
  • Know-how on large installations (1,000l/h or more).

The advantages

The specific characters of Tecnal solution are:

  • Use of secured valves,
  • Equipment layout under vessel skirts serving as utility room, gravity return from vessel washing, economizing one pump,
  • Know-how and advice concerning cold washing (hot on request),
  • Precise proportioning at several points at once by means of a constant-pressure valve and a low-flow valve for batch proportioning,
  • Single pump for emptying and washing,
  • Automatic interaction with the existing installations (recipes), provision of production parameters for the existing supervision systems.