This step is indispensable. The objective is to clean all the equipment in your factory automatically while optimising the consumption of water and detergents.

Washing tunnel


  • Tecnal and its partner Sassaro can provide any means of washing for your cheese-making dishes, racks, and spacers.
  • Washing quality, water and energy consumptions quality, as well as our washing skills to prevent dishes from being sticky, qualify us as true specialist.


  • Bassins are washed in a washing booth or a washing tunnel, depending on the lines operating rates.


Our strengths:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting,
  • Compact,
  • Reduce consumption of detergent concentrates,
  • Reduce water consumption,
  • Make reliable and safer washing,
  • 100% automated driving,
  • Management of washing recipes,
  • Energy Pack,
  • Traceability pack,
  • Analyse cleaning costs.