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The objective of maturation is to achieve acidification of the product to its target pH.

Maturation tank

Our advantages in terms of maturation tanks:

  • Specific design of the tanks and their stirrers to best suit your manufacturing technology,
  • Perfect temperature control,
  • Easy to operate,
  • Specific pumping unit depending on the type of product,
  • Possibility of rapid cooling or reheating without degradation of the product,
  • Safe CIP cleaning,
  • Choice of specific agitation.

Yoghurt and dessert tanks

Our yoghurt and dessert tanks:

  • Vats: use of ultra-clean vessels made by French industrial boiler-makers specializing in vessels of this type,
  • Ultra-clean environment produced by Tecnal,
  • Control of agitation to perform the various stages of work in the incubation vessels: dispersion of the ferments, coagulum cutting, homogenisation of the curd, emptying while limiting losses.

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