There are two ways of salting your cheese: dry salting or brine salting.

Double-sided salter SALAFROM


  • Multi-product: automatic recipe management,
  • Is a dry salter that can be fed manually or incorporated in a complete and fully automatic line,
  • Rate up to 800 racks/hour,
  • Precise standard deviation of salting,
  • Very small footprint,
  • A proper salt distribution on each sides of the cheese is ensured by: shift speed of the racks/ salt spraying rate,
  • 316L-quality stainless steel construction.

Single-sided salter

Single-sided salter:

  • Several cheese formats adapted to our single-sided salter,
  • Easy to use, it is suitable for small and medium-sized producers,
  • Rate up to 800 racks/hour,
  • 316L-quality stainless steel construction.

Salting with brine

Salting with brine:

  • Dynamic brine to optimise brining times,
  • Automatic temperature control,
  • Depollution of brine by membrane filtration or frontal filtration,
  • Multi-formats,
  • Cleaning by CIP,
  • Optionnal: introduction and extraction of the stacks can be done automatically.

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