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There are two ways of salting your cheese: dry salting with our single-sided salting machine, double-sided salting machine SALAFROM and another method called brining.

Double-sided salter SALAFROM


  • Is a dry salter that can be fed manually or incorporated in a complete and fully automatic line,
  • Two fluidized beds create a salt cloud and ensure very accurate salting standard deviations,
  • A proper salt distribution on each sides of the cheese is ensured by: shift speed of the racks/ salt spraying rate,
  • This equipment is made of 316L stainless steel,
  • Rate up to 1,000 racks/hour.

Dry salting with the single-sided salter

Tecnal can also propose a single-side salter for your dry salting.

Salting with brine

On request.

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